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Visual Effects


Visual Effects (VFX) is a vital element in contemporary film and video production. It enables VFX artists to create stunning visual effects that would be impossible to capture on camera using sophisticated software and hardware tools.


Through VFX, artists can seamlessly blend live-action footage with computer-generated imagery, adding depth, texture, and realism to the final product. They can create fantastical creatures, intricate environments, and jaw-dropping action sequences, adding a whole new dimension to the visual storytelling process. VFX is a crucial service for any film or video production, allowing directors to bring their visions to life with breathtaking, larger-than-life visuals.

Green Screen



As one of the best compositing and VFX softwares in the world, After Effects is a great software for removing rigs, markers, and objects from your footage. Every shot will require you to solve your removal problem in a new creative way, but perhaps one of these tutorials can help! Let’s take a look at 4 ways to remove objects


Unwanted Objects


Sometimes removing unwanted objects is the most common VFX, like logos, wires, brands, cleanups



Rotoscoping is an animation technique that animators use to trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame.

By tracing an object, the silhouette created (called a matte) that can be used to extract that object from a scene for use on a different background.


3D Cloth Simulation

After various takes in the set, unrolling the poster, It was really hard syncyng the dolly camera movement with the props pupetters, because it was shot in high speed.

We decide production wise to move forward, to simulate this in 3D to have full control of the speed, cloth reactions, and better legilibility on the poster. Anyways from the original shot I used some shadows and reflections in the final shot. In the final edit the shot was also speed up.




Screen Replacement is one of the most common VFX tasks you'll come across. Sometimes it can be taken care of easily just by using a tracker like Mocha or even the corner pin tracker in After Effects.

On Set



A Visual Effects supervisor is on set and in pre-production to help the director and production team achieve their creative goals. By having the supervisor on set, they gain the flexibility to cope with the unexpected and allow for creative changes in scope or creative direction.

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