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© 2020 Rudel Reyes




Post House:



3D Artist:


These two :18sec spots were part of the digital support for campaign Ford "The Bravest 3.0"

The creative concept was very clear, in each vignette should be appear a lightbox with a message, integrated with scene, lightning and camera movement.

On Set VFX Supervisor, 

Compositing, Finishing & Deliverables

3D Modeling, 3D Tracking,  Cleanups, Compositing & Final Render.

3D Cloth Simulation

After various takes in the set, unrolling the poster, It was really hard syncyng the dolly camera movement with the props pupetters, because it was shot in high speed.

We decide production wise to move forward, to simulate this in 3D to have full control of the speed, cloth reactions, and better legilibility on the poster. Anyways from the original shot I used some shadows and reflections in the final shot. In the final edit the shot was also speed up.

Clips that I took with my phone's camera and a lightbox.

I used this clips as mattes for the supers revealing. Giving with the flickering an organic look to the 3D renders.