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Post House:



3D Artist:


These two :18sec spots were part of the digital support for campaign Ford "The Bravest 3.0"

The creative concept envisioned a simple message that appeal to each of the characters in the spot. These series of messages were to be displayed in bright light boxes and integrated seamlessly within their environment.

On Set VFX Supervisor, 

Compositing, Finishing & Deliverables

3D Modeling, 3D Tracking,  Cleanups, Compositing & Final Render.


3D Cloth Simulation

After various takes in the set, unrolling a physical poster, became a difficult task. The challenge of syncing the dolly movement with the props at a high speed led us to find a more controllable approach, a 3D object. 


With a 3D simulation, not only we were able to control of the cloth reactions and speeds but also the artwork and legibility on the poster. We later composited the shadows, reflections seen in the original shot.

Clips that I took with my phone's camera and a lightbox.

I used this clips as mattes for the supers revealing. Giving with the flickering an organic look to the 3D renders.

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